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Feedback app for mobile devices under OS Android

Since QSystem 1.5.2 feedback subsystem became as a tree-style. This mean, you can group responses, thereby making feedback more accurate and informative. Reviews, as before, you can collect from a kiosk of registration queue. Now there is an opportunity to get feedback from mobile devices, ie, tablets and smartphones. For this you can use an application QFeedback. This app is under OS Android 4.1 or later. This application displays the same responses tree for selecting an item by visitor. HTML text on buttons is displayed to the visitor as well as a kiosk. In the settings you can specify to which the operator is given the remote, so each response will be known for which operator, service and the number of visitor who left the response.

QFeedback application is simple to use. When you run will be asked to configure access to your QMS QSystem. By specifying the settings, tap button "Continue" and move to list of responses. On a next launches of the app, the transition to the list of responses will take place automatically in three seconds if you do not select one of the settings for editing. See the results of the feedback received in the standard reports of QMS QSystem.

QMS Feedback settings on Android        QMS Feedback responses on Android

Screens of QFeedback for demo QMS QSystem


 How to obtain the app and test it

A full program is distributed through Google Play Market. For installing the app on your smartphone or tablet please visit a page of QFeedback in Google Play.

Attention. Important note. Applications for QMS QSystem spread so solely to offer users support the project financially. All discussions are conducted in a special topic on the forum. Wishes and remarks leave there.

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