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Функциональность QSystem

Main board

Not important how tablo could be looks like because everything can be changed. Just example:

главное табло суо qsystem


One more:


Главное табло системы управления очередью


 Little bit imagination plus built in tools for design:

Main tablo QSystem


All settings are available for customization by default tools. As the main board is easiest to use a normal TV.  TV will allow you to display video on the board, a simple image, HTML text, date, running text. As a running text, you can specify a text file and lines of this file will be run on the board. As the video file parameter, you can specify the folder with videos.

The central region of the mainboard always shows line information. In this section you can change the font size and color of all the elements, the number of output lines, background image, captions, visibility frames around the dialing string. Just board has five additional sectors, as seen in the picture. These additional sectors can display the current time, arbitrary HTML-text, running text, background image, video or web content by URL. If you do not want to use any of the other sectors, it is always possible to turn off it in the editor in the program administration. You can change the size of all the sectors of your choice by the mouse in the same editor.


Main and operator's boards positioning.

Since version 1.3.7 specify the monitor number for the main board in the editor board in the central part. The parameters "Number of additional monitor for board". That is enough. If the monitor is not plug in, coordinates from clientboard.xml and  mainboard.xml will be used. When parameter is 0, then the board is disabled.

For old versions. There are 2 files in the <Qsystem>\config\ folder: clientboard.xml and mainboard.xml (for client machine and server respectively). These files contain board positioning coordinates, you can also turn it on\off there. If you have not connected the second monitor, the program opens it all on one monitor. To send the board to the second monitor enter to the clientboard.xml and mainboard.xml files the second monitor coordinates. Enter the x and y parameters to the setting files:

<Board visible="1" x="-500" y="10" Name="Save board configuration">

The parameters allow to identify the board location and open it on the second monitor. When the second monitor connects, you need to upscale the desktop on it. The upscaled desktop has its own coordinates in relation to the main desktop. You have to enter coordinates of a point included to the upscale. Positioning will be carried out by that point. I.e., the upper left corner of the board will be positioned by the point. Remember, that the coordinates of the main monitor upper left corner are (0,0). For example, an aux. monitor is connected, the desktop is upscaled on it on the left from the main desktop. The aux. monitor has the extension of 640x480 px. The upper left corner of the auxiliary desktop has the coordinates (-640, 0) in relation to the main desktop. The settings are x="-500" y="10", which means that the table is positioned to the aux. desktop, but not to the aux. monitor corner. It is positioned 10 pixels down and 140 pixels from the edge of the aux. monitor. After that the desktop expanses to the entire screen.

Plugins for main board.

If there is a requirement for displaying information in accordance with corporate standards or according to your company's standard design and functionality, it is possible to develop and implement the appearance of the main board with the required design. It possible by plugins.

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